Archana Misra Jain

Archana is a marketing strategist, management consultant, brand storyteller, and consumer insights expert with more than a decade of experience developing brand narratives for agencies and Fortune 500 companies. She has been featured in prominent outlets including Adweek, Huffington Post, New York Times, Vice, and Vox. Her speaking engagements include Zara International, Soho House Mumbai, Soho House London, Cannes Film Festival, The American Pavillion in Cannes, DreamWorks India, Microsoft Accelerator, WeWork Chicago, and Maverick.
She also serves as the Executive Director of Product of Culture, an online curation platform and an offline community experience for South Asian creatives. Alongside POC, she is the Festival Director of the South Asian Film Festival, which fosters culture-impact through South Asian stories. POC and SAFFA are reshaping attitudes on the capabilities of South Asians through furthering their footprint and establishing their legacy.
Archana earned her Master's in Public Relations and Corporate Communication from New York University and her Bachelor's in Industrial Engineering from Lehigh University. She's of Indian origin, a Brazil native and grew up in New York City.